How we do it

Our methodology is based on community work where the active participation by the solicitors-users themselves plays a major role.


We developed a modular construction system and a sequential task methodology that allows optimization of the available time and resources that does not translate to a reduction in quality or reliability of our bridges.


For each specific request we must summon benefactors and collaborators who facilitate the means necessary for the Community to realize the construction of its own pedestrian bridge in an efficient and responsible way.

Emergency response

We support regions affected by emergencies where there is a need for pedestrian bridges under the Institutional coordination of the NATIONAL UNIT FOR DISASTER RISK MANAGEMENT UNGRD, working together with other entities and organisms committed in the different stages of post-disaster response and recovery.


This support line organized by the National Government must be managed and coordinated from the Municipal and Departmental Risk Management Boards (CMGRD and CDGRD) which request and accompany the whole process as a support for the recovery of rural trail infrastructures


All our constructions are possible thanks to the generosity and donations of people and agreements of social responsibility with Entrepreneurs and Non-Government Organizations that allow to carry out our operation, monitored by a fiscal audit and control entities that supervise the adequate investment of each contribution.


The state support is handled and channeled through the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD) by means of a fiduciary with specific goal to attend to emergencies through the National Fund for Risk Management FNGRD (conditions apply)