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Support us and sponsor the construction of a bridge

More than a hundred pedestrian bridge requests arrived to us from the most remote corners of Colombia. Your donation will be set aside for the co founding of materials for some of those projects where we establish that there is a confirmed necessity of high social impact and that the conditions necessary to support a rural or indigenous community. You will be informed of the progress during the whole construction process until the completion of the construction and putting into service of the bridge you sponsored. If you have any questions or suggestion regarding donations, email us at 

Build a bridge

Donation certificates

You can invite your relatives and friends to acquire a "Donation Certificate" to commemorate special occasions. [Read More]

Take us with you

Promote our social cause wearing the OFFICIAL T-SHIRT of "Puentes de la Esperanza". [Read More]


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Donation certificates

If you or your organization desire, the Puentes de la Esperanza will issue a "Donation Certificate" valid for fiscal recognition and tax reductions (article 125 - 3D Colombian Tributary Status).

Give with confidence

The economical resources that you or your organization put in are supervised by our Fiscal Audit following the norms and legislation valid for the reception of resources and legalization of those according to the Direction of Taxes and National Customs DIAN. All surplus of our accounting cycle are invested each year in new pedestrian bridge projects for remote rural areas. We are registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota and additionally we are monitored by the Bureau of Non-Profit Entities of the Mayor's office of Bogota.


Direct transfer to our corporate bank account.

Carry out your support through an electronic transfer to the Puentes de la Esperanza Foundation. Your support will also be used for the campaign named: "the bridge is broken".

Only for national or international credit cards.