Learn about the requirements and methodology for the implementation process of a Puente de la Esperanza. [Read More]

Official requests

If you represent a Mayor or Governor office, or any official entity, read about the steps to follow. [Read More]

Individual requests

Conozca el proceso de solicitud por parte de Comunidades ó entidades particulares. [Read More]

Steps of the process (apply for official and individual requests)

  • REGISTRATION: We receive an application via a request form.
  • INSPECTION: We perform a technical evaluation visit to the required bridge site.
  • APPROVAL: We evaluate, prioritize and administrate the resources and support required to carry out the bridge construction process.
  • SOCIALIZATION: If there is viability, we convene authorities and communities to expose our proposal and define terms of agreement.
  • PREFABRICATION AND PREPARATION: We calculate, configure and prefabricate each "bridge kit" with specific measures and dimensions for the specific configuration of the planned bridge location.
  • EXCAVATIONS: The community fulfills basic excavations, and collects and prepares required local materials.
  • TRANSPORT: Mobilization and bringing of a complete ¨bridge kit¨ from Bogotá close to or directly to the construction site.
  • FOUNDATIONS: Community workday to position principal structures and build foundations.
  • HARDENING AND PAINTING: While the concrete is hardening, the  community paints the metallic structure.
  • ASSEMBLING: Community workday to install the cables and the suspended floating bridge deck and protections.
  • DELIVERY: We do not organize inaugurations. Each community receives and celebrates their bridge as they wish to.

The necessary timespan to carry out each step varies with diverse factors and depends on the conditions for each zone.

Our schedule can be modified in case of emergency response, with previous agreement with the different actors of each bridge's construction (benefactors, collaborators and participants).